Risk Analysis

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Core requirement 15 of meaningful use and the 1 st core requirement of the OCR HIPAA Audit program requires a
Security Risk Analysis.

Network Vulnerability Scanning

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Optimize your network for a more successful practice by using our Network Vulnerability Scanning services to identify key issues and mitigate risks.

Healthcare IT and Security Consulting

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Ensure compliance with HIPAA and HITECH by signing up for Healthcare IT and Security Consulting. We provide the technology expertise and support your organization needs.

Security Training

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We provide Security Training and Awareness to fully educate, motivate, and acclimate users to adopting to EHR and staying HIPAA compliant.

HealthIT Consulting & Meaningful Use Risk Assessment Solutions

Health Security Solutions is a HIPAA consulting and managed services firm which provides a structured and facilitated approach to HIPAA compliance and data crisis management.

Health Security Solutions exists to help organizations minimize and mitigate the financial, legal and compliance risks associated with running health care organizations. A typical health care provider has neither the security and technical expertise nor the bandwidth to effectively manage security compliance.

We provide HIPAA Security Risk Analysis, Assessment and Security Management planning, outsourced Security Officer services, and other specific IT services such as managed firewalls, email hosting and encryption, endpoint device encryption, backup and disaster recovery, and security training and awareness.

HIPAA, which became law in 1996, has been largely ignored by many in the health care industry. However, new federal regulations and financial incentives have been introduced in the last two years, urging executive management in the health care industry to review their privacy and security posture.

The first HIPAA security implementation specification and core requirement number 15 for Meaningful Use require a HIPAA risk assessment. Through this key consulting service provided by Health Security Solutions, we have helped health care providers qualify for millions of dollars worth of stimulus funding.

Call us today to learn more about our Meaningful Use security and risk assessment solutions!